2023 Blue Ribbon Beacon School

🎉 Exciting News for Our Elementary School! 🏫✨

We are thrilled to announce that Spicewood Park Elementary has been named a Blue Ribbon Beacon School! This prestigious recognition is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and excellence demonstrated by our amazing students, teachers, staff, and parents.

What does it mean to be a Blue Ribbon Beacon School? The Blue Ribbon designation is awarded to schools that excel in academic achievement, foster a positive and inclusive school culture, and demonstrate continuous improvement. It's a true honor to be recognized for our commitment to providing an exceptional education for every child.

Our success is a team effort! We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our outstanding educators who inspire and empower our students every day. Kudos to our incredible students for their hard work and enthusiasm for learning! And a big thank you to our supportive parents and the entire community for being an essential part of our school family.

Together, we continue to create a bright future for our students! Thank you for your ongoing support! 

Based on the Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence (BRSE) national validated assessment process, Spicewood Park Elementary has met the required criteria in the nine performance areas of high-performing schools required for the Beacon award.
· Student Focus and Support
· School Organization and Culture
· Challenging Standards and Curriculum 
· Active Teaching and Learning
· Technology and Integration
· Professional Community
· Leadership and Education Vitality
· School, Family, and Community Partnerships
· Indicators of Success

School Vision: 

We believe all students can achieve academic success through differentiated learning experiences that engages and empowers all students of diverse backgrounds.

School Motto: Inspiring Greatness